Oud Alfateh - 50 ml Extrait De Parfum - Unisex – Superz. WorldWide
Oud Alfateh - 50 ml Extrait De Parfum - Unisex
Oud Alfateh - 50 ml Extrait De Parfum - Unisex

Oud Alfateh - 50 ml Extrait De Parfum - Unisex

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What is OUD?

Oud comes from the tropical agarwood. Its natural and native habitat is in the Middle East and it is thought to have originated in Assam, India.
When agarwood is infested by a mould called Phialophora parasitica, the tree produces a dark, thick and fragrant resin to protect itself. The resin embedded in the wood is the source of oud, an extremely rare and valuable essential oil. Its value is enhanced by the fact that the tree reaches a suitable age to produce truly excellent Oud resin, making it a particularly limited and rare occurrence.

WHY is OUD so expensive?

Oud is truly the luxury of fragrances! Agarwood is considered one of the most expensive woods in the world and is reportedly worth a staggering £5 billion on the global market! Unfortunately, due to its high demand, it has been declared a potentially endangered species by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). So agarwoods are now being cultivated in other areas of the world to try and keep up with demand, but they can of course smell different to their natural habitat. Also, many niche & big companies are now using synthetic oud oil for mass sales, which although not as strong or long lasting as the original, can be mass produced and is cheaper to produce.
Our company works exclusively with genuine oud oil!


By its nature, oud also has a very warm and woody aroma. It is considered to be particularly strong, perhaps even the strongest fragrance, so oud scents are not for the faint of heart! It comes from wood and there is a hint of moisture in the scent, as well as a pleasant smoky note. This is a truly unique fragrance that is simply worth trying, but beware it can be addictive! :)

The character of the fragrance also depends on the origin of the tree species from which the resin and then the oil are extracted. Indian varieties tend to have a slightly earthier character, while Far Eastern varieties are a little smokier.
Our company also deals with Thai, Cambodian and Malaysian oud, so SUPERZ. Royal Oud has a slightly smokier character with a subtle sweetness and a strong woody scent.


The word Alfateh refers to the conqueror of Constantinople, the number one sultan of Istanbul.
But why is this fragrance named after the sultan?

Istanbul has always been renowned for its diversity and depth, and this fragrance is no exception. The fragrance is a seductive perfume, as it is terribly strong, dominant and unique. It is a precise, rich perfume that completely enchants with its noble traits. It is not by chance that it is one of the outstanding jewels of the SUPERZ. perfumes.

Its fragrance is dominated by sweet ambergris, which blends perfectly with the woody, musky, oudy scent. These are often blended with leather notes, although the creators of Alfateh have added very special secondary notes to the blend, adding extracts of oakmoss, jasmine, rose and tomato leaf oil. The result: amazing. It is not an uncommon experience to smell it on your skin the next day, even after a shower.



50 ml of Extrait De Parfum, which has the highest perfume oil content allowed by the EU (20%)
What makes Extrait De Parfum different from an ordinary perfume? It was important to us to dilute the perfume oil with the highest quality carrier materials, so we mixed the product with 0% water and a reduced alcohol solution, and obtained a carrier that is gentler on the skin. Furthermore, the perfume oil molecules are not broken down when sprayed onto the skin, so they do not evaporate with the alcohol but remain on the skin, allowing the fragrances to remain on the sprayed surface for longer.

SUPERZ. is a trademarked brand throughout the EU, any copying of its contents will result in immediate legal consequences!

Attention! The product is a fire hazard! Please make sure that it is not exposed to heat, sparks or direct sunlight! Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes as this may cause irritation! Keep out of the reach of children!


Made in EU.

Distributed by:

SUPERZ. Perfume Ltd. - 1055, Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square 13-15. (bell: 20, 3rd floor)

Customer Reviews

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A very rich, amazingly long-lasting scent. I can only recommend.

Szabolcs Szabolcs
How about this?

The scent is very good, I give it 5 🌟, but it's a bit annoying that I ordered it on Friday for HUF 64,000, I received it on Monday, but by then the price had dropped to HUF 38,000🤨🫣


Congratulations to the team again:) streak-pulling fragrance!

Gábor Nèmeth

Super serious.thank you!!


Oud Alfateh - 50 ml Extrait De Parfum - Unisex