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Mystery Saffron - Candle
Mystery Saffron - Candle

Mystery Saffron - Candle

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Our candles contain only natural vegetable waxes, which has a cleaner burn and less smoke compared with many other wax types. Soy wax, Rapeseed and Coconut waxes is biodegradable and carbon neutral. Combined with our 100% plant based ingredients and minimal packaging we try our best to keep the environmental footprint to an absolute minimum. Superz use no harmful or toxic chemicals and the beautiful fragrances that give each candle its unique scent are all ethically sourced. Our candles are also cruelty-free, non-toxic and contain NO lead, paraffin, palm, plastics, paraben, phthalates or colorants. Our suppliers also have their own responsible sourcing policies that set high standards for health and safety, environmental, business integrity and social practices.
Here we are going to outline what plant-based candles are, and how they compare to paraffin and beeswax candles.

Why we say NO to Paraffin;

Paraffin candles are cheap because they are a by-product of the petroleum industry. That is pretty much all we can say that is positive about paraffin wax. Not only does paraffin emit soot, but also researchers in the world say paraffin candles can even be harmful to your health. Paraffin candles also give off black soot and burn so hot that they can burn the skin if spilt. All in all, best to leave them alone. Unlike paraffin candles, plant-based candles don’t release toxic carcinogens into the air. Also unlike paraffin, they are made from a renewable source and are biodegredable. Plant based candles burn 30-50% longer and of course cleaner than paraffin and have 95% less soot.
Paraffin wax candles are particularly infamous for a dirty burn that can damage the walls of your house when burned consistently.
Of course, the toxins released by a low-quality candle are also a concern and cotton wicks can sometimes be laced with metals such as zinc that then get released into the atmosphere and our lungs.

Why we say NO to Beeswax;
We all know that bees are in decline and we need to take better care of them. We also know that there are some amazing properties associated with products produced by bees such as honey and beeswax. Surely there are far better uses fort his incredibly powerful natural Product than burning it! Also know that they are not good for use in scented candles, because they have their own honey-like smell.


Ingredients: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (CAS No:68334-28-1), Hydrogenated Soybean Oil (CAS No:8016-70-4),
Parfum (N/A), Benzyl Benzoate(CAS No:120-51-4), Cinnamal(CAS No:104-55-2), Citral(CAS No:5392-40-5),
Citronellol(CAS No:106-22-9), Coumarin(CAS No:91-64-5), Eugenol(CAS No:97-53-0), Farnesol(CAS No:4602-84-
0), Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone(CAS No:127-51-5), Geraniol(CAS No:106-24-1), Limonene(CAS No:5989-27-5),
Linalool(CAS No:78-70-6).

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Grádwohl Gyöngyi

Mystery Saffron - Scented candle


It did not disappoint!

István Lefkovits

Simply perfect!!!