Memories Gold 6ml Perfume Oil + Memories 6ml Perfume Oil + Cosmetic Ba – Superz. WorldWide
Memories Gold 6ml Perfume Oil + Memories 6ml Perfume Oil + Cosmetic Bag Beige
Memories Gold 6ml Perfume Oil + Memories 6ml Perfume Oil + Cosmetic Bag Beige
Memories Gold 6ml Perfume Oil + Memories 6ml Perfume Oil + Cosmetic Bag Beige

Memories Gold 6ml Perfume Oil + Memories 6ml Perfume Oil + Cosmetic Bag Beige

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Memories Gold 6ml Perfume Oil (Unisex):
Have you ever heard of something like this? Notes of honey, caramel, tonka bean, vanilla, and milk with cedarwood, and the alluring, clean scent of iris.
This combo should be banned; it’s incredibly addictive. What’s remarkable is its ability to outshine the best-selling Abu Dhabi in its both silllage and longevity. Dangerous weapon for dates. The more than a year of experimentation has paid off; Memories’ sibling, Memories GOLD, is now available at an introductory price starting today!

Memories 6ml Perfume Oil (Unisex):
It is one of our most cozy scents, which amazingly evokes beautiful, pleasant memories. Hence the name Memories. It's a magical scent that will positively define your whole day. It's an emotional and rich perfume. When sprayed, the warmth of cinnamon is enlivened by cognac. Oak and sandalwood provide great longevity, while vanilla, chocolate and caramel make it magically sweet and full. A truly gourmet scent. If you love sweet, warm, spicy scents, love to attract people's attention and want to communicate softness and tenderness at the same time, this is the perfume for you. It works best in cool weather, autumn and winter. 

Cosmetic Bag Beige:
An elegant and practical accessory that offers captivating style for both ladies and gentlemen.

With its size of 22x13 cm, it can be used not only as a toiletry bag but also as an everyday bag. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, it can be comfortably carried using the strap at the back. Whether it's perfume, documents, house keys, or makeup products, it can be well-organized inside with the help of the two inner pockets.

Made from premium-quality vegan leather material, it not only gives it a beautiful appearance but also offers easy cleaning options.


The fragrances are the most intense, as we have not added any alcohol or extra liquid to the oil, which can make up to 95% of Eau de Toilette perfumes in a bottle. Also, because of the absence of alcohol, it will not cause skin irritation, redness or dryness.It was important for us that our product is not harmful, but beneficial to the user.

50 ml of Extrait De Parfum, which has the highest perfume oil content allowed by the EU (20%)
What makes Extrait De Parfum different from an ordinary perfume? It was important to us to dilute the perfume oil with the highest quality carrier materials, so we mixed the product with 0% water and a reduced alcohol solution, and obtained a carrier that is gentler on the skin. Furthermore, the perfume oil molecules are not broken down when sprayed onto the skin, so they do not evaporate with the alcohol but remain on the skin, allowing the fragrances to remain on the sprayed surface for longer.

What should you expect? The scent of your choice will stay with you all day. Many of our customers have reported that they can even feel the perfume oil on their skin after a shower.
No doubt it will make or break your whole day. Both in cheerfulness and confidence.

If you like a perfume that smells strong and lasts all day, SUPERZ. pure perfume oil will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for you!

SUPERZ. is a trademarked brand throughout the EU, any copying of its contents will result in immediate legal consequences!

Attention! The product is a fire hazard! Please make sure that it is not exposed to heat, sparks or direct sunlight! Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes as this may cause irritation! Keep out of the reach of children!


Made in EU.

Distributed by:

SUPERZ. Perfume Ltd. - 1055, Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square 13-15. (bell: 20, 3rd floor)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nagy Dávid

Brutal scents! 😉
High quality as always! 🙏🏻
I can only recommend it to everyone! 🤗

Krisztofer Horváth

It smells very good and is also very long-lasting. Excellent! So far, I have used Endless Sea and Abu Dhabi until my expectations were set quite high, but I manage to achieve it, it's really excellent. Thank you very much!

Tibor Mama-Tóth

I like it, it smells really good!


Better than I expected.
I love the scent sample I received, it will be the next one I order!

Zoltán Barta

Memories Gold 50 ml + Dominance hand cream + beige handbag