Gold Dust - 5X10 ml Extrait De Parfum - Man – Superz. WorldWide
Gold Dust - 5X10 ml Extrait De Parfum - Man
Gold Dust - 5X10 ml Extrait De Parfum - Man

Gold Dust - 5X10 ml Extrait De Parfum - Man

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A really sweet, elegant fragrance that literally brightens your day, and is also very intense and long-lasting. We start with the dominance of cinnamon and vanilla, surrounded by amber and musk, but the wood and smoky scent makes it masculine and charismatic, while the overpowering sweet notes are softened by Italian bergamot and aromas. Definitely a date-compatible scent, and very attention-grabbing, it's easy to be the centre of attention, when you're wearing it. It's not a risqué or divisive perfume, but a very popular and sexy one with women, as it makes them feel like a real golden bombshell. Get ready for appreciative looks and words, because Gold Dust is a truly elegant and attractive fragrance. It's at its best in autumn and winter, but it will also work in spring and is a great conquering partner on your skin on summer evenings. It also suits serious business, as this scent is a sign of good taste and success.


5X10 ml of Extrait De Parfum, which has the highest perfume oil content allowed by the EU (20%)

What makes Extrait De Parfum different from an ordinary perfume?
It was important to us to dilute the perfume oil with the highest quality carrier materials, so we mixed the product with 0% water and a reduced alcohol solution, and obtained a carrier that is gentler on the skin. Furthermore, the perfume oil molecules are not broken down when sprayed onto the skin, so they do not evaporate with the alcohol but remain on the skin, allowing the fragrances to remain on the sprayed surface for longer.

SUPERZ. is a trademarked brand throughout the EU, any copying of its contents will result in immediate legal consequences!

Attention! The product is a fire hazard! Please make sure that it is not exposed to heat, sparks or direct sunlight! Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes as this may cause irritation! Keep out of the reach of children!


Made in EU.

Distributed by:

SUPERZ. Perfume Ltd. - 1055, Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square 13-15. (bell: 20, 3rd floor)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
László Szakács
2151 Fót, Kilátó u. 14

Perfect perfume, thank you.

Bálint Török
A brilliant perfume

My first order from Superz, really great scent, thank you! 😁

Great scent.

I got a sample of the product for the first time, it had a strong, delicious smell for half a day. I have never spent money on "expensive" perfume. But I thought it was worth it, especially after I saw that the travel package was on sale.
However, my experience is that the sample product is more intense compared to the larger package. Which I'm very sorry for, but regardless of that, I didn't regret the purchase and I would definitely like to experience other fragrances.
I also thank you afterwards for the gift sample product that was packaged for my order. :)

Richárd Ármán

Gold Dust - 5X10 ml Extrait De Parfum - Men

Róbert Farkas
I love it

The best scent I've ever smelled is very long lasting
Masculine scent I work in the construction industry roughly half a day's scent