Unisex Samples 2. - 4x2 ml Extrait De Parfum – Superz. WorldWide
Unisex Samples 2. - 4x2 ml Extrait De Parfum

Unisex Samples 2. - 4x2 ml Extrait De Parfum

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Memories Gold (Unisex): Have you ever heard of something like this? Notes of honey, caramel, tonka bean, vanilla, and milk with cedarwood, and the alluring, clean scent of iris. This combo should be banned; it’s incredibly addictive. What’s remarkable is its ability to outshine the best-selling Abu Dhabi in its both silllage and longevity. Dangerous weapon for dates.

Mystery Saffron (Unisex): The mystical saffron. A very interesting fragrance and truly like nothing else, so unique and thoughtful. The saffron, woody, vanilla, musky notes with the tonka bean literally wake you up. There's perhaps an overwhelming cloud of scent for the first 4 hours, then a healthy diminishing by the end of the day, but it lingers with the expectant scent of Mystery Saffron.

Purple Bronze (Unisex): "Purple Bronze" , named after its fragrance notes, as two very exciting and dominant aspects are blended in the fragrance. The purple flowers like iris with musk and the bronze side with ambery, leathery, vanilla and powdery notes. Simply enchanting. We are talking about a totally unisex fragrance, with the delicate, sweet, alluring and floral side dominating on the ladies and the ambery and leathery side on the gentlemen.

Oud Alfateh (Unisex): Its fragrance is dominated by sweet ambergris, which blends perfectly with the woody, musky, oudy scent. These are often blended with leather notes, although the creators of Alfateh have added very special secondary notes to the blend, adding extracts of oakmoss, jasmine, rose and tomato leaf oil. The result: amazing.


4x2 ml of Extrait De Parfum, which has the highest perfume oil content allowed by the EU (20%)

What makes Extrait De Parfum different from an ordinary perfume?
It was important to us to dilute the perfume oil with the highest quality carrier materials, so we mixed the product with 0% water and a reduced alcohol solution, and obtained a carrier that is gentler on the skin. Furthermore, the perfume oil molecules are not broken down when sprayed onto the skin, so they do not evaporate with the alcohol but remain on the skin, allowing the fragrances to remain on the sprayed surface for longer.

SUPERZ. is a trademarked brand throughout the EU, any copying of its contents will result in immediate legal consequences!

Attention! The product is a fire hazard! Please make sure that it is not exposed to heat, sparks or direct sunlight! Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes as this may cause irritation! Keep out of the reach of children!


Made in EU.

Distributed by:

SUPERZ. Perfume Ltd. - 1055, Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square 13-15. (bell: 20, 3rd floor)

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Maxim Berlean

Unisex Samples 2. - 4x2 ml Extrait De Parfum

Subham Biswas

Unisex Samples 2. - 4x2 ml Extrait De Parfum

Peter E
Just superb.

Samples arrived timely and well packaged. The collections were variably unique and pleasant. I had the opportunity to order 50ml Parfum bottles which also arrived on time. Thank you for your excellent service.


Very cool Parfums

Kasim H
Sample labelling and packaging could be better

The label of the samples are on the inside of the pack and sometimes hard to read right away. Moreover, the packaging is extremely basic and does not reflect the amount spent on it, whether its the way the sample is represented or the quantity.